Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cures for panicking writers

I'm the kind of girl who keeps calm, mostly. My life can get rather busy, and I might occasionally start paddling on the inside, but mostly look serene-ish on the outside.

OK, now the outside is starting to look panicky too!

Things currently available to panic about (I am so blessed with choice)

We have brought a new house.
We have to sell our old house.
I have to keep the old house ridiculously clean and tidy.
I'm not that good at tidy.
I have to finish reading two books by tomorrow.
I have study commitments.
I have said yes to a large project I have got to get stuck into.
I'm upgrading my web site but have been really slack with sending a photo and my charming web master is nagging me.
I have television tomorrow and there is a monster zit on my chin. (OK, that panic is ridiculously vain, I know)
It is March and I have a novel deadline approaching.
I have a novel deadline approaching
I have a novel deadline approaching
I have a novel deadline...

There are several ways I can deal with all this:

Resign from life, hide myself away, drink wine and eat copious amounts of chocolate. (To be honest, that's my favoured approach, but then I'll turn into a lush and get the size of a house and the zit on my chin will only get bigger.)

Meet friends in cafes, drink copious amounts of coffee and eat pretty cakes and slices. (See above, remove the word 'lush' and insert the words 'twitching mess.')

Or I could sit my arse down and actually write.

My, God, there's an idea!

Hmmmm, any other suggestions welcome.


Dorte H said...

Why on earth did (could) Hamlet procrastinate so much? He didn´t even have internet access, did he?

Richard L said...

Divert your attention in a work-related direction: The Christchurch City Libraries crew are at the Wellington festival... http://cclblog.wordpress.com/

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