Sunday, July 24, 2011

Libraries rule!

I'm sitting at my desk watching the snow fall outside the window with the glee of a kid. Don't know what it is about snow, but it always makes me smile.

Yesterday I took the boys in to the Dunedin City Library to stock up for the next few days of predicted bad weather (the Met Service got it right!) So far, so normal. What I absolutely loved was that when we arrived about 10 minutes before opening time it wasn't just us waiting to get in - there were 40 to 50 people all lined up, chomping at the bit, queuing. And when the doors did open it was like what I imagine is like on sale day at Harrods - a stampede! I commented to one of the librarians about libraries being closed down in Britain and America and what a huge loss to a community that was. If you wanted evidence of how important libraries are to people you only had to look at the crowd eager to get into our library. It warms a girl's heart.


Claire at Latitude said...

I don't know the Dunedin Public Library but share your enthusiasm for such institutions. And I think you may enjoy this link:

Vanda Symon said...

Thank you so much Claire, that link is wonderful!

Dorte H said...

Libraries are essential to people who cannot afford to buy books - and don´t tell me the world has solved that problem yet.

Snow? Well, can´t say we have had snow lately, but I am not so sure it is summer we have either.

Jason Payne, London said...

While libraries here are closing its not for the want of trying!
Not much of a summer here so far (unless you count that weekend back in mid May!) but we've theoretically got a few weeks left yet....