Saturday, October 1, 2011

SheKilda - almost here!

Counting down the days now until the fabulous SheKilda, Australian women's crime writers convention  in Melbourne. It kicks off this coming Friday, which means I get to hop across the Tasman on Thursday. I'm so excited about it all I can't stand myself.

For a full list of their programme and guests check out the SheKilda website here.

Naturally there is a lot of preparation for me to do, ie, figure out what I'm going to wear. Although, I hear the shopping's quite good in Melbourne... and the food...

As you can guess from the above comment I have never been to Melbourne before (I've only been to Australia once before, two years ago, to Sydney.) So if any of you have some must see recommendations, especially for specialty stationery shops, book shops, or chocolatiers let me know! I'm already going to make getting to the Tutankhamen exhibition at the Melbourne Museum a priority - I can't believe my luck that it is there at the same time I will be.

Most of all I am looking forward to wallowing in the world of crime fiction with lots of fabulous women writers - it is going to be a blast.


Bernadette said...

Well since you asked you should try to find Haighs chocolates. It's actually an Adelaide-based company but they've recently set up shops in Melbourne too and the chocolate is to die for. I have a friend from Switzerland (home of chocolate) who has me send her Haighs truffles every year for her birthday. They have a shop in the Block Arcade at 282 Collins Street.

Other than that...enjoy. Wish I could make it over but have family commitments that weekend.

jtwebster books said...

Enjoy! Looking forward to you blogging about it when you get back.

Joanne said...

We only have one in NZ (Newmarket, AK) – if you’re dying for a coffee (after your book/stationery shop) and want to try something boutiquish, there’s a place called Nespresso on Collins Street.

Enjoy the festival!

Dorte H said...

As Jtwebster says: make sure you enjoy it, and come back with lots of news to share with us :D

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Have a wonderful time! Lucky you, I love Melbourne. Looking forward to hearing about your visit