Friday, October 31, 2008

The bedside table... groaning under the weight of books I want or need to read in November.

Currently reading:

Two little boys by Duncan Sarkies

The blurb goes thus: When Nige runs over a Norwegian backpacker while attempting to save petrol, his life really turns to shit. he chucks the body in a nearby road works and runs to his best mate of fifteen yers, Deano. Trouble is, Deano's not really the guy you should turn to in a crisis. This off-kilter tale of male camaraderie is a bizarre debarcle from start to thrilling finish.

The Nursing Home Murder by Ngaio Marsh

A Career in Crime: Inside information from leading Women Writers.

On the pile to read:

Ngaio Marsh: Her life in Crime by Joanne Drayton

High Country Lark by Neville Peat

Edge: A cut of unreal by Martha Morseth

Poor Man's Gold: The diary of Reuben Radcliffe, Northland, 1899-1900 by Kath Beattie

The Midnight Choir by Gene Kerrigan

And somehow, I'm sure there will be more...


Kerrie said...

There's a few there that I haven't read Vanda.

Vanda Symon said...

Kerrie, the Gene Kerrigan book is the one that came from our mate Peter Rozovsky - some Irish crime.

Just finished Two Little Boys, and will review it tomorrow, but didn't enjoy it that much.