Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Antipodean Holmesian Society

Sherlock Holmes and his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle seem to have as many fans today as they did in their hey-day. There's a new movie coming out soon that I will have to go and see, not just because it is Sherlock Holmes, but also, and I'm going to admit to being horribly shallow here, but I kind of fancy Robert Downey Jnr. Also, while I'm being shallow, the movie posters of him and Jude Law are really quite appealing. Have printed them off for the office wall.

But on more cerebral matters, I discovered, courtesy of my fencing associates the existence of the Antipodean Holmesian Society, which has a monthly newsletter discussing all sorts of tidbits about Sherlock Holmes, from reviews of books pertaining to the man, to locations of statues, to the current concern over the disputed Conan Doyle memorabilia, 40 000 items bequeathed to the City of Portsmouth.

So how could I resist? I sent off my subscription and am now a member.

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