Saturday, October 31, 2009

The things I have been up to instead of writing...

Life, it has this funny way of sidling in and distracting you with enticing things, or urgent things, or frantic things, and before you know it, whammo, another month has gone by. I would like to formally announce that I blinked and missed October, and the month before that, come to think of it.

So what have I done this week, other than not write a single word on the novel?

Arrived back from Australia (I couldn't resist dropping that in)

Waited for my luggage to arrive back from Australia - it took the scenic route.

Recovered from the trip to Australia. My stomach and my internal clock stayed on NZ time, while my social life operated on Aussie time.

Organised a couple of events.

Sewed a Puss & Boots outfit for Mr Seven-Year-old for the school disco. Luckily for me Mr Ten-Year Old was happy to go in the Harry Potter Griffendor colours Quidditch uniform I made him last time.

Made a batch of Halloween Ghost meringues.

Made a batch of vanilla flower cakes.

Frantically read An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon so I'm prepared to interview her for the radio next week.

Successfully ignored anything resembling housework.

Successfully ignored anything resembling writing.

Pfaffed around a great deal. (Is that how you spell Pfaffed? My sewing machine is a Pfaff, so does that mean when I'm sewing I'm ignoring the important things I should be doing? Rhetorical question really!)

Drank some nice wine.


Dorte H said...

Rhetorical questions are sometimes the best ones, but of course I won´t try to answer it.

And I know you feel bad when you have not written a word for a whole month - but do you realize how good you make the rest of us feel?

Now I - just to mention one example - have written nearly three pages of my novel in October. Not much I admit, but infinitely better than nothing ;D

Pen said...

I was feeling bad about having not written a word for three days. Thanks for sharing - I feel better now.