Monday, February 8, 2010

The bliss of the mundane

The kids have gone back to school and life has fallen back into some semblance of rhythm. It is that rhythm of the expected, the orderly (or frantic, depending on what you are doing) and even mundane which I sorely miss during the holidays.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the kind of mum who loves the big break with plenty of time to chill out, or see new things, catch up with friends, fossick in the garden, read lots of books, walk along the beach, do lots of baking, eat too much and all the other traditional summery things shared together.

But we are all so very ready to get on with our own things by the end of six weeks. Actually, Mr Eight-Year-Old had been asking if he could go back to school since Christmas. I asked if that was because he was missing his friends, and he said yes, and that he also really missed doing maths.

So now, they're back at school, and normal transmission resumes. Its just me, my computer, and the snoring cat.


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