Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hunting Ngaio

Hubby and I are off for a few days to have our first ever child-free weekend away! (Yes, I know, it's taken us ten years) Christchurch is the city that beckons, that and the Diana Krall concert.

Of course, while in Christchurch I'll be stopping in at the Ngaio Marsh House, in the Cashmere Hills. It will satisfy a few curiosities, and hopefully help in my research.

I'll send pictures, promise.


Pen said...

Have a great time you deserve it! Hopefully we can catch up when you get back. :)

Sue McMillan said...

Have a wonderful time in Christchurch.

I didn't get any writing done today, was too busy reading a fantastic book - Containment!
It was interesting to see you use the name Josiah. My oldest son's name. He too wears nothing but black and there the similarity stops!

Dave B said...

Diana Krall ... hmmmm ... she was on the same night as Trivium.

No, you possibly wouldn't like Trivium.