Friday, February 6, 2009

Carnival of the Criminal Minds #31

Each month the Carnival of the Criminal Minds is hosted by a crime fiction related blog. This week it's over the ditch by Helen at It's Criminal. She has taken the beach carnival theme, so we get to look at some pictures of, as she puts it, buff Aussie males. (Has anyone else noticed that buff Aussie males are great until they open their mouths?!)

Helen takes us on a tour of her favourite blogs and also plugs us towards which has podcasts of authors reaing from their short stories to download.

Bloggers who host the carnival get to point others in the direction of websites, blogs and wee gems they've found out there in cyberspace that have intrigued, tickled, or made them laugh. The brainchild of Barbara Fister you can visit her Carnival of the Criminal Minds page to look at archives of former Carnivals. They're great fun and travel the world.

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