Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines vixens

So it's Valentines day.




Not likely.

Do I expect them?

No way!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a hopeless romantic, but when it comes to Valentines day, my idea of a perfect evening involves the kids in bed, hubby & I relaxed on the sofa with an ice-cream in a cone watching something exciting on telly, like Grand Designs.

My thoughts on a Valentines day post involved a couple of things: a book, and a book title.

The book title gets my vote as the best title for a love story:

You Suck: A love story by Christopher Moore.

As you can guess from the title, it's a Vampire story, and no, I haven't read it as Vampire fiction isn't my thing (although my friends assure me it's great) But as a title, brilliant.

The other is a book of short crime stories given to me by my publisher, with the wonderful title Tart Noir. The back blurb states "Twenty shocking stories starring twenty edgy outrageous and badly behaved heroines."

And they were! Some were truly shocking.

These were the kind of women who if someone gave them chocolates for Valentines Day, they'd hunt them down and turn them into a Flake.

So there's my warped idea of romantic reading.


Aspiring Writer said...

Happy Valentines, Vanda!
I'm glad you're spending it with the family.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

I would like the vampire book :-)