Monday, February 2, 2009

Random thoughts

Thought number 1:

The kids go back to school tomorrow - imagine big grin on this mother's face.

Thought number 2:

It's February. Can someone please tell me what happened to January?

Thought number 3:

Rachael King over at The Sound of Butterflies has a lovely post on whether writers are putter-inners or taker-outers. Do you write screeds and screeds in your first draft then brutally prune, or do you get down the nuts and bolts, and then fill in the detail, description and bits you glossed over?

I'm definitely in the putter-inner category. I liken it to creating a human being from the skeleton out - I start with the bones, then add the vital organs and muscle to give it strength and life, then add a bit of padding, because no one likes their stories too skinny, but no one likes them overblown either, then polish it all up with a nice tan, not fake though. There's usually some last minute depilation necessary to get it all looking seemly, then voila, something hopefully fit to be seen in public.

Thought number 4:

I love Naseby.

Thought number 5:

If the kids are back at school tomorrow, that means they'll bring home their stationery list tomorrow, which will mean a trip into town to the stationery supply shops. Oh dear, how sad...


Tania Roxborogh said...

but stationery is so much fun (esp now I DON'T have to cover the books!! - Yeeha, they can do it themselves).

I really loved Rachel's post as I think it is a great snap shot of the different ways we write. I have copied it off for my writing students - am I breaking copywrite?

Off, now to take eldest and boyfriend to defensive driving - bring on the full licence I say!

The Paradoxical Cat said...

I'm a taker-out. I believe the work of art is there somewhere amongst all the verbiage.

And I am a fellow stationery fanatic - I envy you that start of school chore!