Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Between the Covers

Tonight was my live spot on Dunedin Channel 9 television's Dunedin Diary programme, doing my bit reviewing local books and chatting to the lovely Dougal Stevenson.

It was very handy that one of the other guests happened to be Chris Brickell, who just won the Montana Best First Non-fiction Book award for his Mates and Lovers: A History of Gay New Zealand. I'd been wanting to hit him up to be a guest on the Write On Radio Show, so I had him trapped and cornered in a television studio, and of course he said yes.

Channel 9 has recently become internet savvy and has segments of Dunedin Diary on line. Last week they had Brian Turner on the show talking about his latest poetry collection Just This. Click here for the link.

I was going to put my notes for the show here, reviewing Nigel Latta's Mothers Raising Sons, and Graham Bishops's The Real McKay, but Blogger is being finnickity and if I try again and fail for the umpteenth millionth time, I may be forced to throw my computer through the window.

Instead I shall go and get ice cream.


Dave B said...

Was there a video link to your segment on their site? If so, I couldn't find one.

Vanda Symon said...

They did tell me they were working on video podcasts fro each segment of the show, but they don't seem to have appeared yet.