Monday, August 10, 2009

Crime Watch

Welcome to the new kid on the block, Craig Sisterson with his blog on New Zealand and International Crime writing, called Crime Watch.

Craig is a big time crime fiction fan, and has been a great promoter of New Zealand crime writers in particular - he's been our cheer-leading squad!

Welcome to the blogosphere, Craig - I look forward to following your musings.

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Kiwicraig said...

Thanks Vanda. I'm looking forward to hopefully sharing some thoughts and info with people. I sometimes get a little frustrated with the coverage our local authors (and visiting international authors etc) receive in the mainstream media - so fingers crossed I can (in my own very small way) rectify that a little.

I was trying to think of an appropriate blog title, that linked crime and NZ, but wasn't too tied to NZ (e.g. Kiwi crime or Aotearoa crime etc) since I wanted to look wider where applicable... I imagine many Kiwis will get the 'pop-culture reference' choice I ended up with...