Sunday, August 2, 2009

Killer writing

When you get in a writer's zone, the word fades out, you forget little things like, life, other people, blogs, children - okay, I didn't really forget the children. But when you mind is full on into your story, it won't relent - not when you should be cooking dinner (sausages taste better burnt, don't you think?) or when normal people are in bed (who needs sleep anyway?)

So I've been busy writing, it's what I do.

It's taken over.


Anonymous said...

If it means "Bound" is written all the faster then I think we can all live with not seeing a new blog entry for a few days!


fleance (aka TK Roxborogh) said...

But the NZSA stuff (which I've lumped on yer shoulders) is happening. And, yer hubby is unwell and, er, you've got a PhD to do and then feed the cat and do the washing and eat breakfast.

You think we don't understand. No excuses needed my friend.

One of the things I'm hating about the intermittant foray into Scotland, 11th Century, is that I forgot what I wrote last time and so have to spend a precious half hour understanding what I frantically wrote last time. It's wearisome.

My hubby cooked dinner (again) tonight though I provided the ingredients, the off-spring were annoying but happy (teasing each other and us) so that we had to get grumpy and say 'enough - do your homework!'

Now, I will clean up (showed the kids how to make the cool tomato - remember in form one when we were taught how to cut a tomato in half with zig-zags? - they were very, very impressed and then proceeded to use the final product in a comic routine about french songs!)

Still, one has an NCEA speech to finish, oh and Biology oh and French. The other is recovering from virus plagued symptoms but has homework to catch up on the many days away from school.

Me, (and sorry it's a life story), I hope for a pause in the chaos so that I can sit and continue to read Fiona Kidman's wonderful book 'The End of Darwin Road'.