Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Golly, December already?!

Who stole November? Come on, fess up now, was it you?

Life has been a bit crazy of late, crazy in a good way, not a harried and hectic way. I have just returned from school camp to Queenstown with thirty twelve and thirteen year-olds. It's fun being camp mum, and the trip was fantastic - we had a gold rush theme, so there was exploring Arrowtown, gold miner's camps, Gabrielle's Gully and a great day trip taking the TSS Earnslaw across lake Wakatipu to Walter Peak Station. We even swam in the lake - a snow melt fed lake is rather nippy!

There have been the usual end of year get togethers, with plenty of good food and chat, and more good food and chat, and some advance planning of the inevitable New Years resolutions to get rid of the results of too much good food and chat.

There's been looking at cover art for The Faceless - and no, I'm not giving any hints, you'll just have to be patient.

Biggest buzz of the week - having Bound listed as one of The Listener's best 100 books for 2011. That is always such a thrill.

But there's no let up on the busy stuff - off to Queenstown again tomorrow for my nieces' high school junior prize giving and my nephew's high school graduation.

Before we know it, Christmas will be here...arghhhhhhh!