Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wonderful Wellington

The Wellington Festival of the Arts Writers and Readers Week was fantastic. The days I enjoyed in the capital were idyllic - sunny, no wind, and the city was abuzz with the festival and also a triathlon in town. It was the perfect backdrop for a gal let loose in the city. Yes, I got to be Vanda for the weekend, not Mummy. Vanda got to stay in the very flash and character filled Museum Art Hotel. Vanda got to play frisbee with the lads (although, to my disappointment, none of them had to go for an impromptu swim to collect said frisbee from the harbour). Vanda got to schmooze and finally meet lots of people she only knew from the blogosphere and email. Vanda got to go out to the wee hours of the morning - those crime writer people are bad news, they lead me astray. You get the picture - I had a great time.

I got to see Jo Nesbo in action, and to finally see Headhunters the movie. I didn't enjoy the book, but loved the movie! It was a lot funnier on screen than the book.

The panel event I was there for was great fun. Craig Sisterson was a fab chair, and I always enjoy sharing a stage with Paul Cleave. It was the first time I had met Paul Thomas, and came to the conclusion he's a good bloke.

I got to meet many writers, and enjoyed drinks and chats with local writers Craig Cliff, Eleanor Catton, Helen Heath, Yvonne Walus and Dave Armstrong, among many others. Also got to have fun out with Denise Mina and Robert Shearman. It was my first experience at the Wellington Festival, and hopefully there will be more!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wellington Writers & Readers - here I come...

I am very excited to be winging my way to Wellington this weekend for my first experience of the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts Writers and Readers week. This Sunday at 11.00am I get to share the stage with the two Pauls - Paul Cleave and Paul Thomas, for an hour talking about crime fiction, chaired by Mr Crime Watch - Craig Sisterson. More details about the session can be found here. I head up on Friday, so get to enjoy a few days in the capital wallowing in the festival, catching up with friends and attending receptions and parties. Oh dear, how sad. I'll have to break out my posh frock...

I wonder if Paul C will bring the frisbee...