Sunday, January 20, 2013

Retail Therapy

Because sometimes life throws you curve balls, and you just need to shop...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Write On Radio Show day

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Write On Radio Show day and in this summer holiday show I will be replaying two interviews from 2012; with Scottish Crime Writer Ian Rankin, who I caught up with on his November tour promoting his new book Standing in Another Man's Grave, and Dunedin writer Maxine Alterio, chatting about her novel Lives We Leave Behind.

If you are blessed enough to live in Dunedin you can listen in at noon on Otago Access Radio on 105.4 FM, or if you are elsewhere on the planet, the show is streamed live from their website here.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Congratulations - Diane Brown ONZM

I had a very pleasurable time yesterday afternoon at Diane Brown and Philip Temple's home to celebrate her receiving a New Year's ONZM honour for her services to literature. I know I have benefited greatly from Diane's services.

Way back when I was a budding writer but had no idea what I wanted to write I did an extramural creative writing course with the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies. I was very fortunate to have Diane as my tutor, and she was one of these fabulous tutors who told you the truth! My poetry was overdone, my short stories too flowery, but she enjoyed my long prose work and offered lots of constructive criticism that set me a great foundation for my writing career.

When I had the fabulous but terrifying experience of actually getting a publishing contract for my first novel, Overkill, Diane and Philip were kind enough to sit down with me and go through the contract, pointing out potential barbs but also explaining what the whole thing meant. That was hugely reassuring at an exciting but daunting time.

Diane has given so much to writers in New Zealand, nationally through the NZSA and also at an individual level, taking so many under her wing. Congratulations, Diane, your honour is so richly deserved!