Monday, September 8, 2008

Christchurch Festi-Vale

T'is over, t'is over and I am sitting here, back home, at my computer musing on all the wonderful things from the weekend and contemplating attacking Mount Laundry. The boys had a lovely lads weekend here and I had a fantastic Vanda weekend up there, wallowing in the festival, meeting up with writer friends, making new writer friends, chatting with readers...what could be better?

Congratulations to the organisers for a fabulous event, and their encouragement and energy. The festival had a very happy buzz and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the variety of sessions for people to choose from.

My panel on Friday went well, with Mark Billingham and Paul Cleave, and yes, I didn't chicken out and I wore my new 'here I am' top. Alas there is no photographic evidence of it that I can point you to. I'm glad I wore something bright as it was hard to stand out on a stage with the hilarious Mr Billingham!

You can check out the panel summary on the Christchurch City Library's blog here, and their blog and reports on the entire festival here. Prior to the festival I'd also done a little interview for the library blog you can read here. (That got pretty herey, sorry) And I'll add another here for Bookman Beattie's festival reviews.

Before I left for the festival I went to visit my local pharmacist with a view to buying make-up (yes folk, I brought make up!) and asked him for something that would make me look young, pretty and intelligent. Well, after my session the Christchurch Library bloggers said I was "warm, intelligent, engaging and enthusiastic," so thanks Lloyd, it worked!

I'll post my thoughts on individual sessions over the next few days - I went to fifteen, which might explain why I felt a bit tired by the end of it - tired but happy.

I might also add that my luggage came home 3 kg heavier. I tried hard not to buy any books...

(Photo of myself, Maxine Alterio and Graham Beattie - courtesy of Graham)


Rachael King said...

You did look great in your top Vanda and you spoke eloquently. You also didn't try and compete with Mark Billingham on the humour front, which would be a fatal mistake to make.

Vanda Symon said...

Thanks Rachael. Yes, I think I'd have been a bit tragic if I attempted the stand-up comedy thing. Left that to the expert.