Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Last Word...

...on The Press Christchurch Writer's Festival. These are based entirely on what I got to see and are completely biased.

Best insights into a different country and culture: Xinran Xue and Toby Eady. I gained a new appreciation of China and the Chinese from these two quite different, yet complimentary perspectives.

Biggest pleasant surprise: The gorgeous banter between sisters Elizabeth and Sara Knox.

Best curmudgeon : Hamish Keith. I could have happily listened to more of his interesting talk on the New Zealand art world.

Best Crime Panel : Ours (I had to put that in, didn't I?!)

Best new top in a Crime Panel: Vanda Symon.

Best dressed : Joanne Drayton at an Evening with Ngaio Marsh - I want that red coat!

Best shoes : A tie - Kate Mosse's platform sneakers, and Donna Robertson's red boots.

Loudest panelist : Joe Bennett.

Best comedic timing by a Chair : Chris McVeigh - talking with Mark Billingham (see earlier post)

Biggest Bravo : Dame Fiona Kidman standing in a public forum and saying the Montana judges made a major error in judgement by only picking four finalists. (Particularly pertinent after hearing Kate Mosse say she advises the Orange Prize Judges to think about the message they send if they do not select a full complement of finalists.)

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