Friday, September 26, 2008

The Return of the Quiz Master

Last night was the mind-bender that is The Book Lovers' Quiz Night. Sixteen teams of bookophiles came along to the beautifully eighites decored Mornington Tavern to fight it out in the name of fun and NZ Book Month.

Dougal Stevenson was his usual charming and witty self, and more or less kept the teams under control. Who would have thought some of those normally mild-mannered book types would have such a competitive streak? (You know who you are...) But then, enticements of chocolate will bring out the feisty side of most people.

The dastardly questions were formulated by Jackie Ballantyne, and tested knowledge from Peter Rabbit to Booker prize winners.

Congratulations to the winning teams - there was only half a point in it at the top.

1st Libri Liberace
2nd The Remains of the Day
3rd Inbred (you only get names like this in Otago/ Southland)

Thanks too for the generosity of our sponsors:

The University Book Shop
Th Mornington Tavern
Longacre Press
Penguin New Zealand
Random House New Zealand
The Fortune Theatre
Dunedin Public Library.

The event was organised by the Otago Southland Branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors. Thanks to my helpers on the night - Jackie Ballantyne, David Ballantyne, Beverly Martens and Carolyn McCurdie, and of course greatest appreciation and thanks to Dougal - he's a star!

I would post photos on here, but my camera and my computer aren't talking. (My computer is a snob and doesn't talk to CDs of any form either, in fact it swallowed and won't relinquish the last one.) I'll post some the round about and long way later.

Good time had by all.

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