Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Herald on Sunday reviews The Ringmaster

Due to Dunedin's vast physical isolation from the rest of the country, or at least Auckland, we can't get The Herald down here. We can get The Telegraph, from Britain, and papers from New York, but not The Herald. Hmmmm.

So thanks to Beattie's Book Blog for reproducing in full here the great review of The Ringmaster that appeared in The Herald on Sunday.


The Paradoxical Cat said...

Used to be able to get the two weekend Heralds at New World Supermarket on Saturday, and I religiously did, but at some stage the powers that be up North decided it wasn't worth supplying any Dunedin outlet! Grrr...

For a while I subscribed to the Weekend Herald, which I think is a better read than either of the Sunday papers, but it was too expensive and came a few days later anyway, so now I wait a week and check them out at the Library.

Congrats on another great review :-)

Mary McCallum said...

Go Vanda! It's terrific.

Vanda Symon said...

Thanks gals. Lets hope it spurs more people to buy the book so I can keep myself in coffee and wine.

The newspaper scene is frustrating down here. We can get the Dominion Post the following day, but they even stopped that for a while. The protesting readers must have made them re-think.