Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A mystery fit for Sherlock Holmes?

I read in my newspaper this morning that yet another film about Sherlock Holmes is in the pipeline. This time our intrepid sleuth is getting the Guy Ritchie treatment.

Robert Downey Jnr is taking the title role, and according to The Otago Daily Times, Russell Crowe is to be Dr Watson. Yes. Hmmm.

BUT when I went online to check on the gory details, it was nooo way, not Russell, Guy hasn't decided yet, that was just rumour and speculation (in a news paper, quel horreur, I thought they dealt in facts)

So we have a Sacha Baren Cohen/ Will Farrell combo coming our way, and now a Robert Downey Jnr/? version. The later is apparently going to be an all action affair, concentrating on Holmes' prowess as a swordsman and boxer.


Here's The Guardian article about it all.

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