Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tai Tapu Tuesday - WOW

Words on Wheels rolled out of Darfield and headed to the Tai Tapu Library (or Tai Tap, as we were corrected by other locals). Tai Tapu gets my vote for the cutest town library ever - it was a stunning little old building filled with old photos, and an eclectic mix of books.

A small but appreciative group came to see us in action, although we were a little alarmed when their self-appointed spokesman and right- winger announced that 'I don't read fiction... and poetry is pointless.' Janet did well not throttling the dear old thing. We duly did our readings, and David pulled a fun Mastermind group activity from his bag of tricks. I gathered from the little asides given by others afterward, the outspoken gentleman's views weren't shared by all - oh the simmering underbelly of small towns.

A stop to grab lunch at the Tai Tapu store gave us this gorgeous montage (see pic) A large plastic cow, and a dedicated group of Penny Farthing cyclists who had cycled from Mount Cook and were heading to Christchurch. Their modern steeds were worth about five grand each, so no one was game enough to give one a whirl.

Next stop was our first school group at West Melton Primary School. This was a straight Q & A session, although Steve did get the Head Boy and entourage up to do a live demonstration of what it felt like to be John Key and be mobbed by the press. My lingering memory of West Melton school will be their entrepreneurial and capitalist pupils who greeted the visiting writers by hitting them up to buy raffle tickets! Naturally we all obliged.

Methven was the next destination, but not before little stop at the Rolleston Pub for a refresher and a boys versus girls pool match. After my ignoble start (it is quite a skill to miss all of those balls when you're on the break!) I am pleased to say the Gals cleaned up the Guys - thanks Anna. FYI Rolleston streets are named after writers.

The third gig of the day was at Methven, at the Mount Hutt Memorial Hall and was to be a fundraiser for the Methven District Heritage Project. We were very warmly welcomed by the local counillor as well as organiser and we were all pleased to know our talk was contributing funds to their grain and snow project. There was a great turn out, and the pikelets and the salmon sandwiches were sensational.

Three gigs in one day - tired but happy WOWers

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David Batterbury said...

Oh poos.

You were in town and I didn't come get my book signed.

Paul mentioned that we should have come and caught up with you at the library or out in Darfield. I can imagine the two of you lost in passionate debate about the best ways to kill people - I'm sure that's what crime novellists do together.

Sounds like the trip was a blast so far.