Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Tyranny of the Urgent

I was rather shocked to realise I hadn't posted anything on the blog for four days. Admittedly we were away for a few of those days on a I-have-to-get-outta-here break with another family in Naseby, which was fabulous, but otherwise I feel I've been chasing my tail trying to catch up on an extremely long to-do list.

Top of the to-do list is a few revisions on the manuscript, and although these are minor I'm finding it difficult as in my mind I have moved on to the next novel, Bound, so revisiting Containment feels like backwards rather than forwards momentum. That's the funny thing about novels, they keep coming back at you, whether its for revisions, or edits, or proof-reading. I suppose it's preparation for when the kids grow up and leave home, then keep coming back, then leaving, then coming back...

Having had two weeks away from home I seem to be two weeks behind on general stuff, and I didn't quite realise how much stuff there was to do. Whether novel related stuff, school stuff, university stuff, NZSA stuff, family stuff, household stuff, stuff stuff.

So I have written a list (I'm big on lists as my mind has the retention of a sieve) and the list is so long it fulfils my daily target of writing 1000 words.

I've already crossed 'go to school and record the kid's poetry for the radio show' off the list, and wash the sheets, and put out the wheelie bin, and book the car in for it's service check.

And now I can happily cross today's blogging off the list...

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Tania Roxborogh said...

I missed you heaps.

As to your comments about your book, read my comments on my blog 'the gaps inbetween' which will, perhaps, say what you're saying.

BTW, three kids today(alone!) said, "when is Vanda Symon's NEXT BOOK due" - I said (smugly)"'Containement' is due August and the NEXT is being written. "OMG," came forth the replies from teenagers - scream, jumping up and down with glee.

Vanda! Shame on you for creating such an impact on our nation's youth. (PS I love you for that!)