Thursday, March 12, 2009

WOW - Wednesday - Happy Birthday to me

I got to celebrate one of those birthdays on tour, the ones with a little zero on the end. It felt kind of weird waking up to a birthday in a strange motel room, and without the invasion of excited little fellows wanting to see what pressies Mum got. It turned out to be a wonderful day.

Highlights :

Senior moment. In a telephone radio interview I did a complete blank on Steve Braunias' name. Oops, sorry Steve.

Feeding the miniature ponies pears left out especially for us by Viv Barrat from Methven - thanks Viv.

Mayfield second hand shop. Oh my God, gather your friends, pack your lunch, go for the day.

Staveley Cafe and Community Hall. Topp territory.

Janet hugging a giant moa (see pic)

Geraldine library gig. The room was too small, and some of the question time a little testing, but Owen Marshall turned up to hear us so all was forgiven.

Geraldine's record holding world's largest jersey; and the Bayeux tapestry replica, but done in sprung steel flecks - stunning and awe inspiring.

The lovely audience at Fairlie singing me Happy Birthday.

The amazing cowboy boots David borrowed (read dragged) off the feet of one of the Fairlie audience to act as a prop for his reading from Gary Manawatu (1964-2008): Death of a Fence-Post-Modernist.

The lovely lady from Fairlie who tracked us down to a restaurant to give us a bag of homemade chocolate chip biscuits.

My wonderful fellow travellers who presented me with a six-lamington, candle topped birthday cake, accompanied by chirpy Happy Birthday music piped over the restaurant sound system.

Fabulous day.


Te PC said...

Happy Birthday! (Belated...)

And many happy returns.

You should have received a snail mail card from me this week, if I had known it was your birthday the card would have had the big number on it!!

Aspiring Writer said...

40 years old! Happy belated birthday! You're so young, Vanda. Truly.