Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Annual leave

So, I've started a blog, Hasn't everyone? And I've never been one to buck a trend. I don't profess to being particularly witty, and god knows I'm not very profound, but I will attempt to post my thoughts on life, the universe and the latest book I'm reading.

What better way to kick off than with the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. I took annual leave from the family, removed my super-mummy outfit and slid on my Vanda costume, not even my Vanda-Woman one, just the plain ole Vanda costume and headed up to Auckland to wallow in all things literary.

There have been plenty of posts on other favourite blogs about the festival, so I shall keep it brief.


* The festival overall - great writers, fantastic venue and well run. Congrats to the organisers.
* Witi Ihimaera - he chatted, he read, he sang...
* Pavlova with everything - we all wanted seconds.
* Mo Hayder - Clever, witty and gorgeous.


* Some of the dodgy chairing. Please review your choices for next year, people.
* Ticket prices.

As to be expected, my luggage was several kilograms heavier on the return flight, and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a writer groupie who likes to have her books personally autographed. So I returned home tired, nauseated (The flight home was interesting, including the bonus aborted at the last second landing at Dunedin Airport because of the fog, but that's another story), and happy, ready to face Mount Laundry and the real world.

Roll on next year.


Penelope said...

Nice one, Vanda. Thought for the day: on Mt Laundry you are never alone. Millions of souls are climbing above, below, alongside, even in the fog.

Mary McCallum said...

Thoughts of a serial crime writer eh? Very cool -- very noir. And thanks for the link to my site Vanda. Now I have seen the Vanda suit in action in Auckland I am freshly amazed -- and impressed -- that you write CRIME. Good luck with your blog. As Graham Beattie says... it's a bit addictive and can replace the necessary activity of writing book no. 2.

Stell said...

we to have a Mt laundry in our own backyard, or perhaps we live at the foot of the communal Mt laundry.
Any-who, welcome to blogsville, and perhaps I will become more knowledgeable about the witting arena. Stella (laundress of Toby and Poppy)

Rachael King said...

Don't listen to Mry, Vanda! Blogging keeps the machinary oiled and is especially good for easing you into a writing week after a weekend of non-writing activities. Good luck!

Vanda Symon said...

Thanks for the feedback, folks. Of course, now I have to keep on blogging, oh the pressure.
You'll be pleased to know I vanquished Mount Laundry, it took a few days, but I'm aghast to see it is regrouping...will this battle ever end?