Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Write On Radio day

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Write On Radio Show day.

These are the details of my guests for the show which airs live on Toroa Radio 1575kHz AM from Noon till 1.00pm. It is also live streamed from the Toroa Radio website.

Laurence Fearnley is a highly regarded writer who was the 2007 Robert Burns fellow at the University of Otago and has had two of her novels shortlisted for the Montana New Zealand Book Awards. She has recently had released her 7th novel, Mother's Day, which is the final book in her Southern Trilogy.

We'll talk about the new book, and how it feels to reach the end of a themed trilogy and to be looking forward to something different.

Huberta Hellendoorn wanted to tell the courageous story of her daughter Miriam, who has Down Syndrome. Huberta has recently self-published The Madonna in the Suitcase, after being unable to find a mainstream publisher for the book. We talk about the pleasures and difficulties in writing such a personal tale about her family, and the difficult road to publishing it. Further details about the book, including how to purchase it can be found here.


Bookman Beattie said...

I am intrigued with Mother,s Day being called the third in a trilogy because it seemed to me like a completely stand-alone novel.
The only thing in common with the others seemed to be the South Is setting?

Vanda Symon said...

Laurence said the trilogy concept was based upon the shared setting of the southern South Island, an area she wanted to explore further, and upon the idea of love, love lost in Butler's Ringlet, love found in Edwin & Matilda, and family love in Mother's Day.

She was a lovely interviewee