Friday, April 23, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmm...

Murphy's Law strikes a lot when packing up a house to move.

for example... generically label the same uniform boxes with 'books,' stack em up so they look like a cardboard version of a Lego wall and then get an invitation to speak on a panel with writers whose books you own but haven't yet read but which are packed in a box, a uniform box labeled 'books.' Hmmmmm.

...When packing said books, you suddenly realise you need to do some serious inventory control when you pack the third copy of a book you never really needed in the first place, and haven't got around to reading anyway. Hmmmmmm.

...That a boxful of magazines weighs so much its dense mass runs the risk of collapsing in upon itself and creating a small black hole. Hmmmmm.

...Which would explain where some of those things I can't find have disappeared...

...Has anyone seen the cat?

...Or my children?!!!


Anonymous said...

Eek - moving house with books :) The removals people who did my parents' last house move sent one guy to pack and a small van, based on the floor area of the house. When the first packing guy saw the number of bookshelves he had to call the head office for four more guys...

Erin said...

Ben wanted to know if your new house was going to have a stationery room.

TK Roxborogh said...

When we moved from Auckland to Dunedin, we had 75 cartons of books. The very strong moving guys were bemused.

the team who delivered our stuff here in Dunedin were great and bemused by the the cartons of books.

they were the same team who moved us eight months later to Opoho. The old guy who was running every thing said: it gives me some comfort to think that you had to unpack and pack up again all those damn words - makes me feel better having to keep carrying them around the city. You're not gonna move again are ya?' To which the youngest of the team replied: she could go digital and save all our backs!'

Cheeky! Still, they got their well deserved beers.

Oh, btw, Vanda, so surprised you didn't do an inventory! I have shifted so many times I (*Tania says with a smug expression*) DID so that I knew exactly!! where everything was.

Coffee today?

Pen said...

LOL! Well I think Tania wins. 75 boxes of books. Wow!

I thought I was doing well to clock at approx 30 boxes of books when we moved house last. This may have something to do with the fact that we doing use moving men, but do all the moving ourselves. Hmmmm.

Yes. I think 75 would be more than I could cope with.

kathy d. said...

Don't know where else to ask this but will ask anyway, after expressing sympathy for having to move all of those books, but where in the U.S. are your books sold?

Are they carried by Amazon or Barnes & Noble? Or carried by a major bookstore on the East Coast?

Dave B said...

kathy d - I don't think they have made the pilgrimage to the USA yet, but if you send an email via her website, I think that UBS Books might be able to arrange international postage.