Saturday, June 26, 2010

Glossary of terms:

Mainlining: Taking drugs intravenously

Flatlining: Showing no signs of brain activity - brain dead

Looming: Ominously close

Deadlining: Mainlining caffeine and feeling like you're flatlining because the deadline is looming!


Anonymous said...

Vanda - LOL! Now *that's* a writer's glossary! If I may take the liberty...:

Sidelining: Taking someone out of a game, or, more colloquially, out of regular activity.

Underlining: Making a point more emphatic.

Outlining: Sidelining yourself to underline that you are deadlining.

Uriah Robinson said...

In 1996 when I was in hospital for my ticker [translation heart for Brits] I had ECG monitors stuck on my chest. The signals were picked up by a sensors in the ceiling of the ward and sent to a monitoring room.
While waiting for my wife to pick me up, and take me home, I removed the monitors in order to dress.
Fifteen minutes later a nurse strolled in to ask "Had Mr P gone", and added "because he is flatlining upstairs!"

Dorte H said...


And Norman: more LOL

In my family we all have a heart, but no blood pressure.

Vanda, I can´t say I envy you your deadlines, but I can´t help feeling it would be good for my writing. As it is, I always put work and family first, and often fall for the temptation to put reading & blogging first :(

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

You silly... you can do it! Trying to think what sort of card those words inspire... humm....