Saturday, January 1, 2011


Isn't it funny how something as arbitrary as a roll over date marking the transition from one year to the next can make such a difference to your head space. The prospect of a new year, a clean slate, of endless potential.

Naturally this comes hand in hand with a few resolutions. Let me share a few of mine...

Read more than 56 books.

Buy at least one book a month from my favourite independent book shop (doing my bit to keep them alive and well.)

Try to actually reduce my TBR pile by reading them! (Please note that the first resolution supports this, but the second is a little counter-productive.)

Write a cracker of a crime fiction novel

Fence up a storm

Do less housework (-;


Bernadette said...

It is annoying that you can have resolutions that cancel each other out. I too want to read more of the books I already own and not replace them at triple the rate I can read them, but then I also want to support writers by buying their new books. Hmmm.

I laughed at your final resolution - I don't think it would be possible for me to do less housework, I occasionally think I should resolve to do more but, well, I would be setting myself up to fail from the outset

Kerrie said...

All the best with all of those Vanda. They look a bit like mine - but I just ignore housework.

Dorte H said...

Do less housework - that´s far too easy.

My resolutions also conflict, however:

1) read my TBR
2) try to read less (= write more)

Happy New Year, Vanda

TK Roxborogh said...

Mine has to do with less as well. Reduce debt and excess weight. Reduce clutter and the need for housework. Was looking at the spiderwebs in the bathroom last night and decided I needed them to catch the flies the dogs attract. So that's one less thing I need to worry about.

On the other hand, consume more: stories (I am so enjoying the glut of DVDs and books I'm reading), time with friends (YOU!!!), time just sitting in my beautiful garden enjoying the roses and the sounds of life; reading scripture because it is an antidote to my rage against the injustices of this world.

Oh, an write another best seller.
PffT. See, easy peasy!
Happy New Year Vanda!

Claire Beynon said...

My dictum for 2011 - - - Thrive more, strive less ; )

Sending love, Vanda. Have a terrific writing and reading year, and enjoy shaping it to suit (which may - or may not - require a fencing skill or two?)

L, C xo

Rachael King said...

56 books! I'll be happy with 12. You are a wonder. And I heard from one Nigel C the other night that you were very brainy at school and it surprises me not one little bit.

Vanda Symon said...

Ah, Bernadette, Kerrie and Dorte, at least with the housework resolution I know it is one I can keep! Reducing the TBR pile will be more problematic, but I suspect it is nowhere near as daunting for me as it is for you ladies!

Tania, I'll come sit in your beautiful garden anytime. Or we could even go for a walk - exercise!!! Make up for all that time we writers spend parked on our ars...I mean bums!

Claire, I like that idea, to Thrive more, strive less. Might have to embrace that one myself.

Rachael, has that Collins boy been giving away my high school secrets?!

Erin said...

Love the last one... maybe you need to throw in some wine/travel/paper in there?