Thursday, January 2, 2014


I'm a gal of ceremony, I like the little rituals that make things special - frilly tea, clinking a wine glass and proposing a toast. I always look forward to New Year's eve - that roll over from one year to the next. Sure, it may be an arbitrary second, ticking over to the next, same as any other, but for me there is something cathartic about waving ta-ta to one year and welcoming the next. This year, it was quite frankly, a relief.

2013 was a very challenging year. It was a year of recovery and one I never felt I got on top of. Recovering from the snapped achilles, and then dealing with a monster DVT (ugh, injecting yourself in the belly with heparin is no fun, and warfarin...shudder) left me feeling life was a bit adrift, and made me realise I was mortal after all!

So on New Year's Eve, when the clock struck midnight and the fireworks lit up the sky, one of the biggest cheers was from me, saying good riddance 2013, rock on 2014, and my big resolution for the year... to have more fun!


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Unknown said...

Hope 2014 is considerably better than the last. Cheers, Vanda :)

Jason Payne said...

Happy New Year Vanda and of course here's looking forward to a great 2014!