Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Career in Crime

Edited by Helen Windrath

I've been quietly reading my way through what is essentially a book of essays on aspects of crime writing by leading women crime writers. Included is Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice...Character Creation and Development by Val McDermid, and Writing the Villain in Crime Fiction by Stella Duffy, and Aiding and Abetting: Decisions about Style by Sarah Dreher.

It has been great to get interesting perspectives and advice on things like plot, and pace and creating suspense from people who are proven in their fields, and who can entertain as well as teach.

This has been a little gem of a book, a second hand book shop find given to me by fellow Dunedin writer Louise Moulin, author of Saltskin. Thanks Louise!

It will be one of those books I dip into often.


Kiwicraig said...

That "A Career in Crime" book looks interesting Vanda. What did you think of it?

Vanda Symon said...

It was really quite useful. Great to get different perspectives from crime writers on the actual processes involved in writing and done like a series of essays it was good for reading and digesting in topical chunks. It gave me lots to think about. The book is ten years old, but still very relevant for today.

I like your little picture (-: