Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cover up too

And for those in Germany - Der ungeschminkte Tod (The Ringmaster), coming in January 2010.


Rachael King said...

NIce one!

Rachael King said...

I think that's fascinating that they have labelled it "New Zealand thriller" and that they have put a beautiful NZ landscape on the front! Is this a nod to Paul Cleave? Or a bid to tap into the German tourist market? And the Incan design at the top? I guess that is supposed to be Maori? Fascinating the way overseas publishers interpret NZ novels!

Kerrie said...

Well done Vanda - both on the German release, and the new title. You must be chuffed!

fleance (aka TK Roxborogh) said...

um looks lovely but what has it to do with the story?

Dave B said...

Cool. I love the fact they put NZ Thriller down the bottom but I don't understand the literal German translation. I recognise Der and Tod from Paul's book for The Cleaner (Der siebte Tod) which translated as the 'the seventh death'.

According to Google, yours translates as 'The Unvarnished Death' ... or it would be like 'death without makeup' or 'plain death' according to one of the girls that helped translate Paul's site.

The verb 'schminken' appears to mean applying make up.

As for the cover and it's significance to the book ... I guess it's angling for 'death amongst beautiful scenery' - or it just could be a cool cover. I don't think any of Paul's German covers have had anything to do with the book specifically.

Cool stuff.

Vanda Symon said...

I had a two cover day, getting confirmation of both in the same download of email!

Yes, I was curious that they chose a generic but pretty picture of NZ that has absolutely nothing to do with the novel. Also amused by the top banner, perhaps they thought it was Maori? We get no say in the covers, but their marketing department must have decided that was the angle to take.

Either way, it's cool.

Kiwicraig said...

Looks very cool Vanda. Congrats. The German market is a huge one, full of fervent crime fiction readers, so fingers crossed that your book gets a great response.

Cover looks very cool, though as everyone has said, not tied to the actual plot/story of "The Ringmaster" much.