Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm in the process of proof-reading the galleys of Containment. It's the first proof, so I've picked up a few boo-boos, as you'd expect. I like the fact I get to proof read it twice, because as a reader, I know there is nothing more jarring than coming across a spelling mistake or obvious error. It rips you out of the fantasy world you've been inhabiting into the here and now in a most irritating way. In fact, it can taint the whole book experience. The perfectionist in me likes proof reading.

I also find the proof reading very useful for my writing. At this stage in my year I'm well into writing the next novel, Bound, so having to take the time to proof read Containment is a handy reminder of character's voices. Its a refresher course in their idiosyncrasies, the little mannerisms that help to make them unique, and memorable. I've even found myself jotting notes - remember to make Sam say this, or don't forget such and such really gets up her nose, and don't forget her mother is a real cow.

The other lovely thing about this stage in the process is the manuscript I'm checking is typeset, it's starting to look and feel like a real novel. I can look at the cover picture and look at the text and think my god, yes, it's another one! It's getting pretty real.

At this stage I also start to get paranoid. It's due out in four months - in that time will some other author miraculously come out with the exact same plot line I have? Will some well known Dunedin landmark I have used in the story suddenly be destroyed? - Don't laugh, it happened in The Ringmaster! Or will life imitate art. (The Ringmaster again.)

So I'll hold my breath, and hope none of the above happens, and finally be able to relax at the launch party. But then the next wave of paranoia will strike - waiting for the reviews...


Kiwicraig said...

Looking forward to reading it Vanda. Advance review copies can't come quick enough!

Vanda Symon said...

Hey, thanks for that article link, Craig.