Saturday, July 11, 2009

Holiday Reading

We're heading off for a few days, invading the home of friends in Wanaka. As well as the requisite House & Garden/ Architecture/ Dream of a flash new house magazines I'll be taking a few new additions with me to enjoy:

Mothers Raising Boys by Nigel Latta.

This book is subtitled What every mother needs to know to save her sanity. Oops, too late there. The back cover blurb starts with "Why are boys so noisy? Why do they break things? Why are they so fascinated with things that can burn, blind or cripple them? Why do they lose the gift of speech and get so smelly at adolescence?"

Speaking of noise. When we get to Wanaka, between their two and our two there will be four little fellas running around together. Just as well the adults have wine.

Just This. Poems. by Brian Turner.

It seems most appropriate to take Brian's latest collection of poetry to a trip to Central Otago.

Novel About My Wife by Emily Perkins.

I brought this novel a few months ago and haven't had opportunity to read it, so I look forward to finally getting the chance. Novel about my Wife has received great reviews and everyone tells me I should read it so I shall be obedient and oblige. Sigh.

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