Saturday, December 5, 2009


We have had a nocturnal visitor to our house via the cat door. Not only, did I discover had the thieving feline filched our moggies food, BUT it had also had a toilet stop. And where did it decide to relieve itself? Over the piles of fabric I have been crafting into new curtains.

We live in a villa, villa windows tend to be large, so the amount of fabric and blackout lining involved here is rather huge. I was part way through sewing them, but now, courtesy of their nice new aroma, I have had to remove the linings from the fabric, wash all of the fabric, and had to cut off and bin the soiled sections of lining. I have to pretty well start again.

I'm not particularly amused. I would even go as far to say my heart is harbouring thoughts of violence.

And lets just say my language was, er, colourful.

The bl**dy interloper better not set foot over my threshold again!


Dave B said...

I can sympathise ... sort of.

My old flatmate (15+ years ago) had a cat called Pepper. And it hated me. Not just wouldn't come near me, it would hiss if I got too close. Not sure why, can't remember that I did anything specifically to it.

It used to hunt through the washing in the laundry pile, claw my stuff out and pee on it. Nobody else's just mine. Saw it firsthand.

And people think dogs are brighter than cats.

Sue McMillan said...

My language would have been colourful too! We had a similar problem: came home to a strange moggy in our spa bath. Now our cat door only works one way: OUT!
Nice to meet you at hockey, Vanda.