Monday, January 11, 2010

A cracker.

Had a cracker writing day today. Life has returned to some sense of rhythm with Hubby going back to work today and the sense that the Christmas and New Year period is truly over.

In many ways it was a relief, as I'd reached the point where I was itching to get back to my things, as opposed to looking after everyone else's things. So it was very gratifying to sit down today, glance over what I'd written an age ago, think, hey, that's not too bad, and then to add a solid thousand words to it.

I'm sure the process was helped by a few pots of tea in my new, shiny Christmas pressie tea pot (I made a blend of English breakfast and Lapsong Soshong, or how ever you spell it) It was also helped by my doing the one thing I said I'd never do in the school holidays - I plonked the kids in front of the TV for the afternoon. At least I can say it was quality viewing for them - DVD's from my Thunderbirds colection. God bless Super-Marionation.


PC said...

Nice one! Congratulations! We're all waiting eagerly for the next instalment so I'm glad to hear the creative juices are running freely :-)

I'm feeling a little more human these days too, despite the foul weather x

PS word verification is "snerkle": I like it!

Vanda Symon said...

Good to hear you're feeling a bit chirpier!