Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The good stuff

I've had a spell of good things happen...

Bookman Beattie aka Graham Beattie listed Containment as one of his best books of 2009 for his Radio New Zealand Nine to Noon book reviews. I'm utterly rapt with this as this man reads a lot of crime fiction!

Here's the link to his Beattie's Book Blog.

My Stonehenge birthday cake scored eight druids at Clonehenge, the website devoted to replicas of Stonehenge. That's the highest rating they've ever given a cake!

I got a cheque to soften the blow of the ACC bill.

The sun came out in Dunedin today. After I got over the shock of this strange substance emanating from the sky, I got brave and went out in it!


Dorte H said...

So who says you can´t eat your cake and have it?


Pen said...

NZ post are winging my copy of Containment to me as we speak. Whoopie! Can't wait.

Claire Beynon said...

I'm not surprised Containment and your cake are winning accolades, Vanda! Congrats - and what a funky site Clonehenge is!

By the way, the thing that helped my hands down in Antarctica was a natural product whose name I can't for the life of me remember - capsules with ingredients like ginger and cayenne pepper. I got it a health shop. Don't know I'd have got by without it (one or two a day, up there with teeth and face-splashing).

Claire Beynon said...

(All those words beginning with 'C'...


... prompts for poetry, a short story, a Crime novel?

; )

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Excellent taste Mr Beattie has!

I heard his praise for you and his review of Containment and totally agree with him that you really shine with the characterisations - your people are real, they ring true, and that's what makes the reader keen for the next book.