Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to work

We've been in our new home for a week, the mountain of boxes has reduced to a substantial hill, possies have been found for most things, the pile of surplus to requirements stuff is ever expanding, the cat has settled in but is still being a wimp about the new cat door, everything about this place (with the exception of the oven!) has surpassed expectation. Life is good.

I am finally in the right head space to get stuck back into the writing, and I mean stuck in. My deadline is no longer inching nearer, it is on a full on sprint and I'm feeling a little alarmed by that.

But hey, I'm at my computer looking out at the lovely garden, have my pot of tea (English Breakfast with a touch of Lapsang Souchong) a fine bone china cup and saucer, a slice of chocolate cake from the oven test (tastes good but took an extra 15 minutes cooking time - yes, fifteen) and my fingers are itching to type...


Anonymous said...

Vanda - So glad you're settled in and that cake looks lovely! Happy writing : ); your fans await eagerly : ).

Unknown said...

Just stumbled onto your Blog. Most enjoyable.In some ways I can identify with "back to work". (Which exactly is the "real" world - the 9-5 workaday world or the world we inhabit as we create the fictional lives our characters inhabit. H.P. lovecraft was keen on the alternative reality idea, but sometimes he's a bit too creepy.)
Keep up the good work. Thanks,