Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Write On Radio Show Day, Wednesday

Tomorrow is Write On Radio day - where does a month go?!!

I commented last time that we had lost our long term sponsor Java Hair Studio and were looking for a new sponsor. Well we have, and it is a match made in heaven, so a huge thank you to The University Book Shop for stepping into the breech. Good on ya UBS!

Here's the details of tomorrow's show, which is broadcast live at noon on Toroa Radio 1575 kHz AM in Dunedin, or live streamed from the Toroa Radio website.

Penelope Todd has recently released her novel Island. It is a story set on a 19th century quarantine island, a story of love and of death. We talk about her new novel, and the journey from being a very successful writer for young adults to writing a literary novel for adults.

Karen Trebilcock is the 2010 Otago University College of Education Children's Writer in residence. Under the pseudonym Ella West she has written the Thieves trilogy for young adults. We'll talk about her books, the residency and her new foray into writing for the stage.


Pen said...

Have fun on the radio show tomorrow.
See ya tomorrow night. Hope you don't mind if I bring a book or two for you to sign? ;)

Kiwicraig said...

Sounds like a couple of interesting interviews. Good news on the new sponsor

Hugh Macmillan said...

On your new sponsor: I would prefer to curl up with a good read than curl up and dye.