Thursday, September 16, 2010


Book launches are always fun and tonight I got to enjoy the launch of Cloudcatcher into the world. Cloudcatcher is the baby of Sue Wootton and illustrator Carla Braun-Elwert.

A large and jovial crowd packed into the University Book Shop to help Sue and Carla celebrate this gorgeous children's book. Publisher Roger Steele from Steel Roberts added to the festivities. It was also apt there were also plenty of kids enjoying the occasion.
Sue Wootton is best known as a poet, and her skills show in the musicality and flow of words, which roll off the tongue with delight. Cloudcatcher is a book to be read aloud. Mr Bellavista is a proud tomato grower who goes to extremes to keep the sun on his tomatoes. In fact he invents a machine to catch the clouds, with unforeseen results.

The illustrations are beautiful, and it was a special treat to see framed full sized versions of the pictures displayed around the book shop. Made me wish I could take one home.

So congratulations to Sue and Carla. It was a delightful evening celebrating what is a truly beautiful book.


Anonymous said...

Vanda - Sounds like you all had a great time. The book looks lovely, too! I always have such deep respect for people who write good children's books. Anyone that gets kids interested in reading is extra-special...

TK Roxborogh said...

I bought three books tonight: Mockingjay - omg omg omg

*Tania coughs*

I bought Cloud catcher - IMHO a shoo in for finalist for book awards next year.

I also bough Helen Brown's book about Cleo....

Hmmm UBS and Tania not a good mix makes ie I buy books!

Anyway, it was a wonderful (even though very packed) event. Go UBS