Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Write On Radio Show, Wednesday

What a crazy up and down week it has been. The Christchurch earthquake must have been terrifying to experience there, because the shaking was scary enough here in Dunedin! They have announced the cancellation of The Press Christchurch Writer's Festival, and with that, the announcement of the winner of the Ngaio Marsh Award for best crime fiction. The organiser is trying to figure out something special for that, so we'll keep you posted.

I'm bummed out that the festival is no longer to be, as I was so excited about it, but I am relieved not to be traveling to Christchurch when they are still getting aftershocks ranking in the 5's on the Richter scale.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Write On Radio Show Day, which is live on Toroa 1575kHz AM radio in Dunedin at noon, or live streamed from the Toroa Radio website.

Scottish crime writer extraordinaire Val McDermid was recently in Dunedin and I had the pleasure of recording a radio interview with her, as well as doing a spot of socialising. In the interview we talk about her life as a crime writer, as well as her newly released novel Trick of the Dark.

Sue Wootton is best known as a poet and short story writer, but she has now added children's book writer to her list of achievements. We'll talk about her new children's picture book Cloudcatcher, and also her passion for poetry and short fiction.

Listen in!

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Anonymous said...

Vanda - I'm disappointed, too, about the Writers' Festival. I certainly understand why it had to be cancelled, but...

I wish the time difference allowed me to listen to the radio program, but I'm sure it'll go well. I am so glad you got to interview Val McDermid - that must have been great.