Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Write On Radio Show day

Today is show day, but with a difference, it will be the first time the radio show has been broadcast on the station's new FM frequency. To celebrate the change to FM, Toroa Radio has also re-branded and is now Otago Access Radio - or OAR for short. So those blessed folk who live in Dunedin can tune into Write On at noon on 105.4 FM or 1575 AM. For those not so fortunate to live in our beautiful city, you can listen live streamed from the OAR website

Fosterling is the new novel by Dunedin writer and poet Emma Neale. The back cover blurb starts ‘A young man is found unconscious in a remote forest. He is over seven-feet tall, his skin covered in thick hair, which reminds onlookers of an animal’s pelt. When he wakes in a city hospital, he is eerily uncommunicative...Speculation begins.
American author Annie Proulx recently visited Dunedin to promote her new book Bird Cloud, a memoir. I had the opportunity to talk with Annie about Bird Cloud, as well as her other writing.

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Emma Neale said...

Hi Vanda
thanks again for all the effort you put into all your radio interviews, especially given it's all voluntary work.

I wanted to correct a slip of the tongue I made - in one of the most often retold legends of the maero, the man Tukoio is the hero who conquers the fearsome mythical creature ... I actually called the maero by Tukoio by mistake. As far as I know, the maero stays eerily unnamed and otherworldy. I'd be fascinated to hear any other versions from any of your followers!
All the best
Emma Neale