Sunday, April 10, 2011

Arfully covered.

I've made no secret of my love for cover art, and my almost obsessive hunt for certain artists of Ngaio Marsh's covers. One of these is Philip Hood. I have rather fallen for the cover art that are paintings, I find them expressive and far more interesting than cover art that is photography based.

Philip Hood's cover art isn't quite as menacing as those of Justin Todd, which you can check out here. But I find Hood's work thoughtful and I think they capture the mood of the story very well. These are all Fontana paperbacks.

Hand in Glove (1974 ed) Love the interesting angle of this cover, looking up from in the hole.

Death and the Dancing Footman (1975 ed) Lots of brooding here.

Artists in Crime (1975 ed) Plenty of anatomy on display in this one! (And excuse the scratchy bit where someone had committed the crime of the price sticker on the cover!)

Colour Scheme (1976 ed) Check out the New Zealand thermal hot pools.

I'm still looking for more of Philip Hood's covers, so if you see any up for sale, let me know - because a girl can never have too many books...


Kerrie said...

They are interesting covers Vanda. My only feeling is that they tend to date the books

Anonymous said...

Vanda - These are great! Thanks very much for sharing!

Vanda Symon said...

I hope I can find more of them, as well as the Justin Todd ones. There was also an almost psychedelic series of covers I might have to acquire...

Vanda Symon said...

You're right Kerrie, they do date them a bit, but then in a way its a reminder of how many years these books have been around and the fact they are all still in print!

Dorte H said...

Perhaps I should check the dozen or so Ngaio Marsh paperbacks on my shelf? But no, there are none of this artist. I may have one or two by Justin Todd, though, but probably Agatha Christie.

Philip Hood said...

Came across your kind comments on
my Ngaio Marsh covers. Glad you like them. Made me search out the
artworks again. I'm still working
in illustration but also do portraits and murals. Currently being featured in 'Meticulous Art'
a magazine in Taiwan. If your
interested in further work, please let me know.
Many thanks - Philip Hood