Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kids Behaving Bravely

I had the great pleasure tonight of attending the book launch of Kids Behaving Bravely: Raising a Resilient Child, written by my dear friend Tania Roxborogh and Kim Stephenson.

The launch was a very convivial affair, held at the fabulous University Book Shop. There was good wine, food and conversation and I personally think book shops should serve wine more often, because I can't think of a better way to while away your time than browsing books while enjoying a glass. (Perhaps it was the glass of something nice that contributed to the spending at the recent Longacre Press Book Sale?)

Kids Behaving Bravely is a companion to Tania and Kim's 2007 title No, It's Not OK: How to Stop the Cycle of Bullying, which I thought was an on to it, practical and helpful book. This one looks to be just as good and aims to help parents to raise resilient children who are emotionally healthy and able to cope with what life chucks at them.

I look forward to reading it, especially knowing that, as Tania said in her lovely speech, her family have been like a live case study - warts, teenagers and all, and the knowledge she's been watching her friends' kids too.

Sometimes its a worry having friends who are writers.

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