Saturday, July 5, 2008

Science and snow

Today saw not only the kick off of the New Zealand International Science Festival in Dunedin, and the first day of the school holidays, it also brought a rather vicious Southerly blast. I had great plans to get along to the opening of the Everyday Science Art Exhibition at the Railway Station but they were foiled by an excess of snow. (I'll mention here, again, how much I love my heat pump)

The collaboration of Art and Science is fascinating, and I've had the pleasure of following the progress of the artistic and scientific conversation between friend and poet and artist Claire Beynon, and Sam Bowser, a New York based antarctic scientist. Claire spent time in Antarctica working with Sam and his scientific team, and as well as coming back with plenty of inspiration for her art, it realised a love of science and the beauty in the minutiae of nature. I've been hearing about this art and science project with Sam for ages and can't wait to see the results. But alas, I will have to be patient a few days longer to see the installation, and hope the weather eases. For a taste of their collaborations, you can check out Claire's website.

The science festival is over 9 days, and has over three hundred events, with plenty for adults and kids. There will be no shortage of things to do these holidays.

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