Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life imitates art?

Odd spots from the news this week:

A mysterious death in New Mexico had 'em puzzled until folk suggested to the detectives it was just like a show from CSI. A little research from the video store, and, sure enough...

CSI suicide staged with the help of balloons.

Cutting edge extortion:

A New York man found a knife with a seven inch blade baked into his foot-long sub. Naturally, he's suing for a million bucks. Maybe he should have thought of his waistline and brought a six inch sub.

NY man claims Subway baked knife into his sandwich.

And speaking of dodging knives:

It was raining silverware near Oamaru.

Police dodge cutlery in high speed chase.

Their mummies clearly didn't teach them to place their knives and forks across the middle of their plates when they'd finished their crimefeast.

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