Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Killing me softly, with his song.

Detectives Beyond Borders has been having a bit of fun with music lately, specifically, homicidal music. This post on Crime Songs has some great examples.

It's surprising how many song lyrics contain a murder or two, and some are downright chilling -

This segment I remembered from a Shawn Colvin song Sunny came home:

Sunny came home with a list of names
She didn't believe in transcendence
It's time for a few small repairs she said
Sunny came home with a vengeance

This particularly nasty little number one contributer tossed in, is from a song by Eminem:

It's about a guy who takes his little daughter along while he takes "mama for a wittle walk along the pier.

"Baby, don't cry honey, don't get the wrong idea
Mama's too sweepy to hear you screamin in her ear (ma-maa!)
That's why you can't get her to wake, but don't worry
Da-da made a nice bed for mommy at the bottom of the lake."

So here's the pop quiz...

Can any of the punters out there think of any examples of New Zealand songs that contain lyrics with a murderous bent?


Mary McCallum said...

My boys listen to 8-Foot Sativa and while it sounds pretty brutal I wasn't sure of the lyrics. I checked them out just now ... quite a revelation... here are some of the lyrics for their song Brutal Revenge:

So I continue to hunt and kill
Never a greater weapon unleashed
I bring them hell on earth
Show them what fear really is
Soon they will all be dead
And no one cares but me
Extreme vengeance fills my head
Soon for all to see

Vanda Symon said...


Good to know what the kids are listening to!

I was having a chat to my guitar teacher about murderous lyrics and having a laugh because so many country and blues songs are about killing and vengeance. Think Johnny Cash et al. There must have been something about the American psyche and harshness of life to inspire such cheerless music. He said there was even a sub-genre of bad things that happen to the kids.

So country lyrics aren't just all, the crops failed and the dog died and the wife ran away with the grocer. If you listen closely, lots are, the crops failed, the dog died, the wife ran away with the grocer, so I shot em dead, but I don't know where I'm gonna buy my granola now and man, I miss that dog.

Rachael King said...

I don't know about NZ songs, but that great Aussie, Nick Cave, certainly has a few. In fact, one of his albums is called Murder Ballads.

One of the most famous is Where the Wild Roses Grow, a duet he did with Kylie Minogue, which forever after tarred her with the cool brush.

Vanda Symon said...

Oh yes, the Nick Cave/ Kylie Minogue combination was inspired. Did wonders for her career. Absolutely loved the video.

Peter Rozovsky said...

I can't think of any New Zealand songs, but the Eminem nomination was one of the surprised for me, since it's not a lonesome ballad by a weatherbeaten singer with a tobacco-ravaged voice.
Detectives Beyond Borders
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