Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All's Phryne in the end.

I went into the University Book Shop today to find Fleur Beale's My Life of Crime, but alas they didn't have it in stock. Not one to waste an opportunity I took a little look around to see what new books they had in stock, and courtesy of the evil and enticing way of booksellers, I fell victim to one of those cardboard display stands which they fill chocka full of the offerings of a featured author.

I know, I know, the words gullible, or weak-willed, or impulse shopper apply here, and yes, I'm a marketer's dream target, but in my defence, it was a very pretty display, and how could a girl possibly walk past an entire stand of Phryne Fisher novels? For a start, it would have been unquestionably rude.

I've heard so much about Kerry Greenwood's fabulous Phryne that I decided it was time I found out what all the fuss was about. So I've started at the beginning with Cocaine Blues, and after a few G&T's and a good read, I'll tell you what I think.


Rachael King said...

They are like curling up in bed with a good box of chocolates. I just finished one and wish i had saved it for my long plane trip ahead as they are so easy to slide in and out of, and it's easy to let time go by while reading them.

Anonymous said...

I will drop My life of crime to you tomorrow - unless you wanna have coffee with me in Roslyn

Vanda Symon said...

I read your blog comments about her Rachael, which was another prompt to try them - see, I can blame you for my lack of will-power!

Tania - cofffffeeeee goooooood