Monday, November 24, 2008


You go through patches as a writer where self-doubt clouds your conviction. I've been battling one of those patches, but like all things in life, if you want to make forward progress you suck it in and keep on working. This approach has worked to some extent, but still, why-do-I-bother-itis has been plaguing me.

One of the symptoms has been a steadfast ignoring of the envelope of Media Watch review clippings that Penguin so kindly provide to its authors. I didn't think my fragile state of being could cope with a bad one, so the envelope was conveniently buried in one of those piles of papers and junk that occasionally avalanche out of bookshelves or topple over and crush small children.

This morning I got brave and went digging for it. The cause of this sudden rush of nerve? Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise has posted a fabulous review of Overkill, including useful things like where you can find the book in Aussie and the UK. So thank you Kerrie, you've made my day!

That spurred me on and I discovered when I opened my bundle that all of the reviews were good, and I'd had quite a few mentions in people's "What I'm reading" piles.

New Zealand Lawyer magazine also featured a review of The Ringmaster, which was very positive. They did a piece titled Serial Killers stalk the South Island, and reviewed my book and Paul Cleave's Cemetery Lake. Great to see Paul and I are keeping the law fraternity happily amused.

So that's a brighter start to my day. That and not having any sick kiddies at home for the first time in two weeks. It's just me and the snoring cat.

Better go, got an appointment with Detective Sam Shephard.


The Paradoxical Cat said...

Fantastic review, and well deserved!

Happy writing.

PC x

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Grr, guess what, I got an envelope full of the UK reviews (of a book I edited) today, and all but one were rave reviews.

But there was a BAD one. A nasty review riddled with lies and the same old garbage, with an obvious vindictive agenda behind it.

Waaah! The first bad review! It had to happen one day (as long as there are doddery egotistical old men, there will be bad reviews), but I'm still gonna break out the bourbon...

Vanda Symon said...

Isn't it amazing how 1 grot one, amidst a pile of glowing ones can thoroughly spoil your day. And what is it with curmudgeony old reviewers?

A good Pinot would be my comfort of choice.

Anonymous said...

glad to see you (domestic goddess that you are) has a weak spot - as MM says - can't remember any of the good ones but remember word for word the bad ones. Me, as a reviewer think, why bother reviewing the crap? Plenty of good books need my attention. Anything I finish is worthy of a good review by virtue that I finished it.BTW Your books rock!!! I couldn't put either down so there! nah neh! whatever - poke tongue out to anyone who disagrees.
By the way, six sleeps to go before announcement - if it happens!!
Tania R